Parkland, Florida

A great place to operate a business

Are you operating a business or planning to start a business in Parkland? The city of Parkland has a lot to offer. From scenic Six Acre Wood Park to the adventure of the Doris Davis Forman Wildlife Preserve there is a lot to attract people to Parkland – people who could be your customers. With a population of about 25,000 there are plenty of opportunities for businesses of all types.
Parkland also offers a much shorter commute than nearby metropolitan areas, creating an excellent quality of life for business owners. Most importantly, the city is one of the fastest growing in Florida and offers business owners tremendous opportunities to grow their client base and their strategic partner network.


Your business in Parkland needs a great business attorney

Even in an idyllic location like Parkland, Florida, every business faces challenges. Every business operating in Parkland must register for a tax license by the city of Parkland as well as Broward County. Businesses need leases for operating space, whether in the retail centers on Hillsboro Boulevard or the offices on University Drive. Each supplier or vendor in Broward County has different expectations, which should be written in a clear contract. When your business faces these challenges you need an experienced business attorney to guide you through each step. Businesses in Parkland, like the surrounding communities in Broward County, can rely on the experience of Attorney Matthew Fornaro.

Attorney Matthew Fornaro serves businesses in Parkland

Attorney Fornaro has served business of all kinds in Parkland, including commercial property owners, retail businesses, manufacturers, and more. He has the experience to advise your business through any legal challenge from formation, through creation of the necessary business documents, to the resolution of litigation disputes. Here are some of the legal services Attorney Fornaro can offer your business.

Your business is your greatest investment. When you need an experienced attorney to provide solid legal advice for your business in Parkland, call one of the area’s top attorneys, Matthew Fornaro.